Monthly Archives: April 2012

African anticipation


Next week I am leaving my life in Edinburgh for an adventure to Africa.

Over the next three months I am going to be spending time in Zambia, Kenya and Uganda working with small NGOs and charities helping them to improve their financial self-sufficiency. I am going to break up my volunteering projects with a few safaris, beautiful beaches and mountain treks!

I have wanted to travel and volunteer in Africa for a few years now and finally decided on going through Accounting for International Development (AfID). In Zambia I am going to be working with a charity which supports community schools in Zambia. Community schools provide free education and meals for the poorest children by being financially self-sufficient. In Uganda I will be spending time with a foundation whose projects include: caring for people living with HIV/AIDS, orphans and other vulnerable children (whose parents have dies of Aids); providing increased access to safe water and sanitation (wells); and educating people on basic sanitation and hygiene.

I am expecting a huge challenge and culture shock but am so looking forward to working with some inspiring people and seeing some fantastic sights.

Nervous excitement is running high at the moment. I finish up at work tomorrow and then have a week of frantic organising and packing before flying next Sunday. I hope with this blog that I can keep everyone who is interested back at home informed of what I up to – subject to sporadic electricity and internet connection!

Love to all, see you in August!